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Lighting Ideas to Decorate the House

Lighting can bring a certain magic to homes. Good lighting can highlight your home’s best features and adds extra comfort. This fall, consider some of the following creative indoor and outdoor lighting ideas to create a comfortable and safe haven. If you incorporate a few or more of the items below, then you will find that your home becomes more inviting and comforting both inside and out!

Creative Lighting Ideas

  • Put up decorative lamps. You’ll find various designs of lamps that are both stylish and elegant. Decorative lamps add a cozy feel to the home and will surely delight guests. Antique lamps are also a good choice, especially those with orange lights. They can bring a wonderful warmth to your home.
  • Consider string lights for outdoor areas. Ideal for residential and commercial venues, string lights add a vintage appeal and an inviting glow to a home. They work particularly well on the patio or in the garden.
  • Switch to flat ceiling lights. They not only illuminate the entire room, but they are also a good choice for showing off your style. Your bedroom will really come to life with an eye-catching flat ceiling lamp.
  • Upgrade to LEDs. Are you still using halogen bulbs? It’s time you switch to LEDs. Although they may be a little pricey, they last longer and they can lower your electricity monthly bills. They’ll save you big in the long term!
  • Utilize lighting timers. Most landscape lighting automatically turns the lights on early in the evening. This is helpful and convenient especially when you have guests coming over. You won’t need to turn the lights on and off every single time. If you don’t have lights that allow for timer functionality, talk to our electrical experts about getting some installed.

Residential Electrical Service in Baltimore County, MD

If you need assistance with your indoor or outdoor lighting, contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling Services. In service for over 30 years, we provide residential and commercial services to the greater Baltimore area. Call us today for new lighting ideas.

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