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Lighting Safety for Indoor and Outdoor Decorating

Decorating your house with lights for Christmas adds beauty and fun, but it also potentially brings danger. It is crucial to know how to use decorative lighting in a safe way. Certain lighting safety rules should be followed in order to enjoy the Christmas season without inviting tragedy.

Lighting Safety

When purchasing holiday decoration lights, check to see if the lights are safe to use. Those that have received approval from the Underwriters Laboratory will contain the letters “UL” on the product’s tag. A red product tag indicates lighting is safe for both indoor and outdoor use. A green tag signifies lights are for indoor use only.

Once you have purchased your lights, it is time to hang them and plug them in. Use a GFCI outlet for outdoor lights to avoid any electrical shocks that could occur from rain, snow, or ice. Hanging lights should be secured to the outside of your house using clips. Clips or plastic hooks are a safer option than using nails or tacks to hammer the lights onto the house.

Decorating inside your home calls for strategic placement of lights. They must be kept away from carpeting, furniture, drapes, and anything else that could potentially catch fire. Cords should be kept in areas of the house where no one is likely to trip over them. Indoor lights can often become broken without any obvious signs. Any damaged strands of lights should immediately be thrown out and replaced. Finally, note that it is best to make sure that each socket has a bulb in it to avoid any sparks.

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