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Modern Lighting Ideas for Your Home

You want your home to look nice inside and out. However interior lighting can be a challenge. Lighting upgrades can be more about aesthetics than about functionality. Here are a few options that a residential electrician in Carroll County MD suggests you consider for upgrading your home’s lighting.

Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Consider layering your home’s interior lighting. You have an overhead light, so do you really need more? You might! Overhead lights allow you to have light in the space, but it’s flat and uninteresting. Instead, you might want some lights in the corners to light up those spaces as well. It’s okay to have more than one light in the room. Consider adding reading lamps. If you have a favorite reading spot, you might want to add light to that area so you can get the direct light you need. It can also act as an accent light and illuminate an area that doesn’t get enough light otherwise. You might highlight some art, a plant, or something else in that area. In addition, think about toe kick lighting. It’s a subtle way to add light to the center of the room, and it can be very useful as well. The space will look as if it has more depth. You could put these lights under the counter in the kitchen and bathroom to balance light throughout the room.

Also, consider adding dimmer switches. If you have every light on as bright as it goes at all times, it might be a little too much. Dimming the lights can allow you to control the intensity of the light at all times of the day. You can also save energy by lowering the lighting at certain times. You’ll get a comfortable vibe in your house when you have ultimate control.

Residential Electrician in Carroll County MD

When you want to upgrade your modern lighting, Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling can help you with ideas and options. Some things you might be able to do on your own and other items may need a professional’s application. Call to talk about your goals and have a consultation┬áto go over the options available to you.

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