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Modern Lighting Options for Everyone to Consider

Want your home to look fresh and modern?  If you’ve just been focusing on updating your paint colors or furniture, then why not take an additional measure and refresh the lighting in your home? With the help of your local electrician, modern lighting options can quickly transform the look of your rooms.

Are Your Current Lights Dated?

There are a few simple questions to ask yourself that can help you figure out whether your current lights are dated. First, how often do you replace lightbulbs? If you replace them frequently, then it is time to upgrade to more energy-friendly lighting. Second, take a look around and assess how many lamps you need to fill dark spots in your home. Lamps for décor can be aesthetically pleasuring, but if you need lamps to fill in multiple lighting gaps, then it is time to update.

Modern Lighting Options to Consider

There are dozens of modern lighting design concepts that are easy to incorporate into any home. Recessed lighting can add a seamless, modern touch. It allows you to balance and layer the lighting throughout your room, especially if you have dimmers installed. Recessed fixtures are ideal for entertainment and dining rooms.

Pendant lighting is a dynamic way to add some style to your home. They are most commonly-used in the dining room and kitchen, but can be used strategically in any room.

Chandeliers are a great way to add to add light and interest to an entryway or a foyer. They work best on high ceilings and come in many styles, so you shouldn’t have an issue finding one to match your existing décor.

Finally, if you really want to maximize on modern lighting options, then consider switching to smart lighting. Smart light bulbs allow you to turn lights on and off remotely with your smartphone or another device. They can even be set on timers to reduce your energy consumption.

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