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Motion Activated Lights Are a Great Investment

Getting motion activated lights is more than just a convenience. It actually makes your home or business safer. When children awaken in the middle of the night to use the rest room, or when you walk into the basement with an armload of laundry, it’s tough to flip the light switch. Some of these lights are battery-operated LEDs, meaning you can light up closets and cabinets without expensive electrical work.

What Can Motion Activated Lights Do for You?

Some motion sensors require small changes to existing light switches. Others have peel and stick installation and are powered by a battery or are installed right in your existing light fixtures. So, there’s a lot of versatility to meet your specific needs.

Advantages of Motion Activated Lights

  • These lights are cost-efficient, save energy and can be used anywhere.
  • You pay around $10 to $30 to install these lights. In return, the lights turn when you enter and turn off when no motion is detected in the room.
  • For added safety, install them in the laundry room, basement and attic. Typically, your arms will be full when entering these darker spaces. Motion activated light switches are easy to install in every room of your home.
  • Forget about making the rounds through the house to make sure the lights are all off. With motion activated lights, you save time, effort and energy, since they shut off after 20 to 60 seconds if no motion is detected. If you use energy-efficient LED lighting, you’re already saving money and electricity. Installing motivation activated LEDs is even friendlier on the planet and your wallet.
  • Business owners constantly have to find ways to get customers’ attention. Motion activated lights do a better job of spotlighting special displays then either labeling or signage, which people tend to ignore. So, you can save energy, market your product and make more money with one simple change.

Motion activated lights are helpful to those who cannot easily reach light switches or turn them on. They can make a big difference to the elderly and disabled or those recovering from major procedures. Whether you are a young mom who always has your hands full or you just want the convenience of automated lighting, this is a positive change for your family.

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