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Small Space Lighting Solutions for Your Home

Small spaces are not necessarily a bad thing. A Cockeysville electrician can help you implement small space lighting to open your room’s area and make it appear bigger. Check out these small space lighting ideas.

Help with Small Space Lighting Solutions

Using one light source can make your room appear smaller, so using multiple light sources are best. Layer your light fixtures to open up a small space and add a decorative touch. You can also combine ceiling lighting with sconces or other light fixtures to add depth and dimension to your space.

Floor lamps can make an excellent statement for your unique style. However if your space is limited, consider wall sconces, LED ceiling lights, or rail lighting as an efficient light source. If the room in your small space has high ceilings, pendant lighting can also be a great solution.

Is your bedroom too tiny? Possible lighting solutions for a small bedroom space include mini chandeliers, wall sconces, and pendants. You can also have an electrician install flush mount ceiling lights to create the illusion of more space. Or is it your bathroom that needs more light within less space? The rule of thumb for lighting solutions in your bathroom is more light and less clutter. Whether you’re considering lighting for your full or half bathroom, lighted mirrors and flush mount ceiling fixtures create a well-lit, inviting space. You might also want to consider under cabinet lighting.

Of course, don’t forget to embrace natural light. Natural light gives the illusion of a larger space. To make the most of your natural light source, hang mirrors, so they face large windows to reflect the light. Keep in mind dark colors absorb light, so it’s a good idea to replace black-out drapes and shades with translucent blinds or curtains. You can also use light paint colors to make your room appear larger and brighten the space.

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