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Smart Lights Sense Your Presence

Most self-proclaimed ‘smart lights’ “[rely] on Wi-Fi and a hub.” However, one has just burst onto the scene which has the capability to “communicate with one another over a home’s existing electrical wiring.” This may be a game changer for the development of lighting in modern homes as time goes on, but what are these particular smart lights all about?

The Incoming Age of Smart Lights

The new brand is called Helia and is created by the lighting company Soraa. The way in which it works differently from other, similar kinds of technology is that Soraa’s “HomePlug Green Phy essentially turns your existing electrical lines into Ethernet.” That is, it’s able to utilize your home’s electrical wiring as an internet connection in order to make your lighting system smarter.

This isn’t the first time that this kind of tech has been used, however. Previously, it has been harnessed by devices such as routers and home security systems, so Soraa may not have conceptualized it, but they are mastering it. Their bulbs are able to adjust as the day and night go on, changing the tones of the light to better suit our eyes and brains. Just as smart phones now adjust their quality of light when the sun goes down, the Helia bulbs “mimic sunlight” to avoid the unnatural glow that keeps you awake in the dark.

Those who were able to review the bulbs noted that they did seem to have a gentler feel than typical LEDs. Many people dislike the ‘orangey’ overtones of many similar applications, but testers reported none of that in this product. If you want additional features, there is an attachment that can be purchased separately in order to give the Helia a bit of a boost. With this addition, the smart lights can turn on automatically when someone enters the room, for example, among other things.

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