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Suspended Ceiling Lighting for Your Room

Suspended ceilings, or dropped ceilings, have been popular in basements, homes, and businesses for ages. They improve acoustics, are economical to install, reduce heating and cooling costs, and provide easy access for plumbing, mechanical, and electrical needs. They also add a modern touch to the environment. If you need suspended ceiling lighting installed, and you need a Pikesville electrician, contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling.

Types of Suspended Ceiling Lighting

When it comes to the installation of suspended ceiling lighting, you must choose the right kind of lighting. This will make the installation go smoothly and provide appropriate light to the room. Fluorescent light fixtures are a great option for those that are designed to drop in. Recessed lighting offers a low profile while providing you with the light you desire. Avoid incandescent bulbs as they produce excessive heat. Opt for halogen or LED bulbs instead. They produce equal light with less wattage. You must install support bars with recessed lighting to support the weight of the fixture. Mounted lights are supported by the existing ceiling beneath rather than the suspended ceiling. The light either hangs flush with the surface or below the ceiling.

Cove lighting goes well with a drop ceiling. It adds a warm ambient glow to the room. Consider adding a few can lights and a lamp to your bedside to balance it out. To add elegance to the room, use the suspended ceiling to highlight a chandelier. Complete the room by adding a couch and coffee table below it. Consider recessed lights for your bathroom. They’ll turn the dark room into a bright one. Combining it with wall scones around the vanity takes it to the next level.

Looking for a Pikesville Electrician?

Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling has been providing clients in the Maryland area with residential and commercial electrical services since 1986. Our services include new lighting, repairs and rewiring, panel upgrades, and surge protection. For more information or for a free estimate, contact us today!

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