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Sustainable Lighting and Power: Why You Should Invest

Whether you are upgrading to a smart hub or want to save on energy costs, sustainable lighting is must in today’s homes. Lighting accounts for around 15% of your utility bill. The Baltimore Sustainability Plan defines sustainability as the ability to meet the community’s social, economic and environmental needs, without preventing future generations from meeting the same needs. Thus, eco-friendly lighting is more than just a great way to spend money: it is vital.

Sustainable Lighting in Your Home

Sustainable lighting includes the following:

Eco-Friendly Light Bulbs

While incandescent bulbs are typically quite power-hungry, installing energy efficient light bulbs can put a sizable dent in your energy consumption. They also tend to have a longer life-span than their incandescent predecessors. Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) contain a current that runs through a semi-solid conductor and moves the electrons in the bulb. Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) consist of phosphor-coated glass tubes, which contain gas and traces of mercury.

Solar Power and Sunlight Transportation

Solar power is a rising technology that is gaining popularity in residences and commercial properties. Sunlight is collected through solar roof panels and then transported as energy via fibre cable to a storage facility. By combining solar polar with natural light and energy saving bulbs, your home’s lighting energy consumption can be drastically reduced.

Speak to the Sustainable Lighting Experts

To find out more about how you can improve your home with sustainable lighting, get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling. Providing residential electrical service in Hanover, PA, Tim Kyle has been serving the greater Baltimore area and York and Adam Counties in PA for over 30 years. No job is too small. We give 100% to every light bulb change, just as we do to a remodeling or rewiring project. We use only high-quality, contractor-grade materials. Contact us today for your electrical needs.

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