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The Right Height to Install Pendant Lights

Pendant lights make a space uniquely yours. So, consider how they can increase the quality and enjoyment of your home before installing. Also, determining the right height is a vital part of the process. The room will determine the best suited height to offer the right amount of light and achieve maximum aesthetics. If you need an electrician in Montgomery County for help with installation, rely on Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling for high-quality service.

How to Hang Pendant Lights

First, measure the height of your ceiling. This helps determine the right fixtures for your space. You can also hang balloons in different shapes and sizes to get a visual representation of what looks best. When it comes to a hallway or entry, light fixtures should clear doors and head height. Leave at least 7ft from the bottom of the pendant to the floor. For kitchen island light fixtures, the bottom of the pendant should be 30 to 40 inches from the top of the island. This allows you the space to work underneath the lighting without becoming distracted by it. Be sure to leave equal amounts of space between each pendant. For dining tables, hang pendants 28 to 36 inches from the top of the table. The close light at this angle provides a welcoming and illuminated gathering space to share meals and catch up with loved ones. You should also leave 15cm from the table edge to the side of the light fixture on both sides to keep accessories in proportion.

Looking for an Electrician in Montgomery County?

Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling has been serving residential and commercial clients in Maryland since 1986. We believe that integrity, respect, and honesty are important. That’s why we offer up-front pricing and ensure our employees have passed drug and background tests. Our services include smart home lighting, surge protection, arc fault circuit breakers, and repairs and rewiring. For more information or for a free estimate, click here!

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