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The Right Media Room Lighting for Your Space

Interior designers consider lighting an essential element when decorating any home. For media rooms, experts recommend the use of ambient lights. They also warn against the use of lamps or suspended lights. This type of lighting is likely to reflect on the screen, interrupt a projected image, and create shadows. In addition, avoid using pendant lights which can block your view. So, what type of fixtures should you use for media room lighting? Read on to learn more.

Media Room Lighting

Wall sconces are the most common type of lighting used for entertainment rooms. This type of lighting is also quite popular in commercial movie places, and with good reason. Wall scones emit enough light that you can move safely within the darkened space. Yet, they ensure that illumination isn’t so excessive that it distracts from the big-screen action. If you decide to light up your home’s media room with sconces, choose products with a dimming function.

In addition to sconces, track or ceiling lights can also be used. Designers recommend keeping your media room lighting scheme as low-profile and integrated with the room’s design as possible. Depending on the size of your room, you may even consider adding floor lighting. Common in traditional movie theaters, running floor lights can effectively offer that cinema-style experience and design you need for your home’s entertainment area. Whatever you choose, make sure to provide ambient light without overpowering or disturbing the TV image.

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