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Track Lighting: Fashionably “In” or “Out”

There are certain lighting options in home design that are super functional, but traditionally just don’t look great. Track lighting has been one of those options. However track lighting is back “en vogue,” and it is now more versatile and visually appealing than ever.

What Is Track Lighting?

Track lighting is a tracking method that may be used on ceilings or walls. Your electric technician will attach light fixtures on a continuous track device that contains at least one live conductor. The tracks may be “H”, “J”, or “L”-shaped and now blend more seamlessly into the ceiling, creating a more modern look.

Where Can It Be Used?

Track lighting is an excellent option for homeowners who are trying to highlight certain features in their homes. This may include furniture, home décor, and pieces of art. It makes it possible to change or adjust individual fixtures even after installation. You can put the spotlights right where you need them to be without stealing too much attention from other home décor, giving you complete customization of the space.

Track lighting installation is just as simple as regular lighting. However, do not use it for general room lighting or in rooms with very low ceilings. You may use it in a room that already has an electrical box in the ceiling. The right place to install tracks is 20 to 40 inches from the walls of a room.

Ideally, your lighting should reference the architecture and era of your house. If you are looking for a modern and sleek look, choose track lighting. It can be functional and decorative all at the same time!

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