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Utilize 2021 Lighting Trends in Your Home

Whether you are remodeling your current home or trying to design a whole new space, lighting choices can make a huge difference. Use an electrician in Taneytown to make sure the wiring is done correctly and consider the latest lighting trends to figure out just what you want to do and where.

2021 Lighting Trends

Here are a few trends to consider:

Focal Points. Make lighting the new focal point of a room. A unique fixture hanging over the kitchen table, for example, can really stand out. Sconces over a kitchen island can bring the room together. Lights are functional, but in 2021, they are also handy for focal points.

Sculptural Lamps. Not all lighting has to be hardwired into the house and in a permanent location. If you want the lights to look like art, that is absolutely a possibility. This year, adding lamps that look like sculptures is a huge trend. Consider floor or even table lamps to bring a theme together in a room.

Color and Pattern. While lights might seem wise in neutral tones, lighting trends right now showcase colors and patterns. If you can find something bright and bold that fits into your room with style, it might be the way to go in order to stay on trend this year. Different fabrics and materials are also a very “in” way to go.

Brass. Brass has been on and off the trendy list for years. This year, it’s back on. Any lights that have a bold, brassy look are popular right now and can raise the value of a room quickly.

Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling

When you are looking into lighting trends, the professionals at Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling can help you with your lighting needs. This electrician in Taneytown is available to install any lighting you want for your home. Give them a call today and ask any questions you have about lighting trends, installation processes, or other things you want to know before you move forward with the plan you have in mind.

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