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Lightning Rod Installation Can Spare You a Lot

You may have never considered before that you could – or should – install a lightning rod at your home. However, it may be that this addition can help to protect your house from damage during storms in a way that you didn’t realize.

The Surprising Benefits of a Lightning Rod

Not every home needs one of these rods. Depending on the weather patterns in the area in which you live, you may not see enough storms to really warrant one. However, states like Florida saw over 10,000 insurance claims related to lightning damage in 2016.

So, how do lightning rods work in the first place? “A single lightning bolt carries 100 million to 1 billion volts of electricity. Lightning rods intercept this voltage, providing a safe path for lightning current into the ground.” In short, they re-direct the path of the strike so that it doesn’t pass through your home and do damage.

Whether or not you should invest in one of these is, again, dependent on your situation. A taller house, a place surrounded by nearby, tall trees, or a state generally prone to lightning are all factors that might contribute to this decision. Since they cost a few thousand dollars on average, it may not be an easy purchase to make, but it could save you big in preventing damage during a storm. Make sure that you know what your insurance does or doesn’t cover in case of an emergency wherein you have no lightning rod installed.

Finally, consider that this installation may actually save you some money on your insurance. Depending on your policy, purchasing a lightning rod may be included as an incentive with some companies. Speak with an insurance representative to learn more about this, and to learn more about how buying a lightning rod can keep your home and family safe, get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling. You can talk to an expert about new installations of lighting and wiring, among other things, for your home or business.

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