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Motion Detector Lights: Tips for Placement

Motion detector lights add a critical element of security to residential spaces. These lights will pick up on any motion, allowing homeowners to evaluate whether the movement is benign or poses as a threat. Learn more about the best places to install them from a residential electrician Baltimore County Maryland.

Where Should Motion Detector Lights Be Placed?

Motion detector lights contain an electronic device that senses heat from infrared waves, which triggers them to light up. Most types of security lighting possess a wide range of 240-degree angles, which promotes safety in poorly lit areas. All dark spaces will benefit from the installation of motion detector lights. Outdoor spaces around the home should have lights to complement security alarm systems. Install these lights on pathways, driveway entrances, garages, or back porches and entrances.

It’s best to install motion sensor lighting between 6 and 10 feet above the desired area of coverage. The position needs to allow detection of any movement that goes through this sensitivity zone, opposed to what approaches right at the detector. If this isn’t possible in certain locations, use a remote motion sensor unit that is mounted a specific distance away.

Most lights can be programmed to stay on for 5, 10, or 20 minutes following a motion detection incident. Because these lights only come on when triggered, they also save on energy bills. Motion detector lights switch off during daylight hours, thus increasing your electrical energy savings.

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Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling is the smart choice when you need a residential electrician in Baltimore County Maryland. Contact us today to learn more about motion detector light installation and support the safety and security of you and your family. Spot, flood, or motion lights dramatically decrease the risk of a break-in or vandalism, so there’s really no downside to getting one or more of these installed outside of your home.

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