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Prime Locations for Motion Detector Lights

Motion detector lights provide a sense of safety and security. Burglars avoid detection, therefore, bright lights are an obvious deterrent. The lights and fixtures are affordable and easy for a professional to install. Isn’t it time you learned more?

The Best Places to Install Motion Detector Lights

Motion detector lights are designed to be active at night or times of darkness. They detect heat signatures of moving objects. Therefore, once an object moves into the lights’ field of view, the lights are activated. Sometimes the movement might be a roaming cat, or sometimes it might be a person with ill intentions scoping the property. Either way, a bright light is triggered by movement providing added security.

The best places to install these safety features is between 6 and 10 feet above the area that is going to be covered. This could include a driveway, front door, or back door. In addition, you may also consider motion sensors along outdoor stairs. For businesses, installation is best at any entrances, such as a front door and emergency exits. Also consider any doors used for deliveries or removing trash from the building.

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Ultimately, motion detector lights are a great way to deter anyone who wants to vandalize or burglarize a property. In conjunction with security cameras, motion detection a great way to protect your home or business.

Looking for a Perry Hall electrician to install security lights at your home or commercial property? Contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling. Motion sensors help you see into night’s darkness. We can help you secure a bit of valued security.

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