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Why Did My Motion Detector Lights Stop Working?

Motion detector lights are a great feature to have around your home. These lights provide a layer of safety outside your home. They turn on automatically when movement is detected by the sensor. However, when motion detector lights stop working, it can be frustrating. There are some troubleshooting steps from Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, electrician in Walkersville, that you can take to get your lights working again.

Troubleshooting Motion Detector Lights

When your motion detector lights stop working, there are some things you can do to try to resolve the issue.

Clean the sensor. Motion detector lights are installed outdoors, so they come into contact with dirt and debris on a regular basis. A dirt-covered sensor prevents it from detecting motion properly. Use a soft, clear cloth to wipe the sensor to remove any dirt or grime.

If the light still doesn’t turn on after you clean the sensor, check the bulb. It may have burned out and needs to be replaced. While these bulbs are designed to work for a long time, they do not last forever.

Also, if your lights are newly installed, you may need to adjust the range and sensitivity of the light. Play around with it until you find the proper settings for your home’s exterior lighting. Range sensors are located at the base of the fixture and can easily be adjusted. Expanding the range may correct the issue.

Looking for an Electrician in Walkersville?

If you still have trouble with your motion detector lights after you troubleshoot the problem, it’s time to call a licensed electrician to examine your exterior lighting and correct the problem. The licensed electricians at Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling can safely repair or replace your motion detector lights and provide advice on your home’s exterior lighting needs. Give us a call today.

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