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Power Outage Consequences

If a storm knocks out your electrical power, do you know what the consequences might be? With today’s intense storms, a power outage can last at least several days. Learn more about what prolonged outages may entail and how to prepare for them.

Consequences of a Power Outage

There are several consequences that may occur during a power outage, and therefore things you must consider:

  • Without power, food in the refrigerator remains safe to eat for about four hours max (depending on the item in question). Do you have another place to store perishable food, such as with a neighbor who still has power? If not, you will likely have to throw away the food as it goes without refrigeration.
  • Many homes rely on a well to draw water for their home. During a power outage, homes that use wells will have no running water. If you do not have an emergency supply of water, then you could have anything from a minor irritation to a major problem.
  • If your home has an electric hot water heater, then a power outage means you no longer have access to hot running water.
  • A power outage also means you are more susceptible to natural temperatures. If it is winter, your electrical heating will not operate. In cities with extremely low temperatures, this can be very dangerous. And, if it’s summer, your air conditioning will stop working. Without access to a water supply, the combination of heat and potential dehydration is a major concern.

These issues, and many more, are the reasons you need emergency standby power for your home. Install an emergency generator and power panel to ensure you are never stranded when your electricity is out.

Contact Your Local Electrician

Always be ready for any major storm, and contact your electrician for assistance with any backup solutions before a power outage occurs. For those looking for an electrician in Howard County, MD, Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling Service is your top choice. With standby power, your house is never in the dark. We can install an emergency generator and power panel, or help you size and select one of the world’s best generators by Kohler. Give us a call today!

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