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Landscape Lighting Brightens the Yard

When you have a beautiful landscape surrounding your home, it shouldn’t only be enjoyed during the daytime. With landscape lighting installed on your property, your family and guests can continue to enjoy the exterior of your home after dark. Landscape lighting is an effective method of beautifying your property while adding an element of safety and security. It can utilize a variety of outdoor lighting fixtures, which are versatile as well as weatherproof. It can also be used to illuminate driveways, pathways, trees, flower bed, fences, doorways, stone walls and more.

The Basics of Landscape Lighting

There are a lot of different kinds of outdoor lighting fixtures and accessories available in a variety of sizes, styles, colors, and finishes. Every landscaping lighting system, regardless of its complexity, is composed of four essential parts for it to function correctly:

  • A transformer steps down the house current from 120 volts to safer 12 volts. A low-voltage system is easy to install and less expensive.
  • A low-voltage electric cable runs from the transformer to each light fixture in the system. The lower the voltage of the cable, the thicker the wire and the higher its capacity.
  • Bulbs control a light’s brightness, beam width, and color as well as electricity usage.
  • Fixtures protect the bulb and help to shape the light beam.

How to Expertly Light Your Landscape

Once you have all the components, the transformer is installed, the cable is laid, and the lights are connected. There are several types of lights that you can use: for you to obtain the best effect of the lights, you need to determine what you want to light and what to leave in the dark. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Identify the features in your yard that are unique like a pond or a specific tree.
  • Add intrigue and drama by creating contrast and shadows.
  • Add safety elements. Lighting up a meandering pathway or stairway will ensure that you can move easily around the yard without risks of falling or slipping.

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