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Landscape Lighting That Won’t Bug You

Though it may not feel like it, with so many recently-chilly and cloudy days, summer is approaching.  As May moves into June, many people will be dreading the return of warm-weather bugs, particularly mosquitoes.  These summer pests are all-too common, but new developments in landscape lighting can help to keep them at bay and to keep you from getting bitten.

Keep Mosquitoes Away with New Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is usually used to add visual appeal to the outside of a home, but in this case, it can be used to keep away unpleasant, buggy visitors in the summertime.  NuTone, a “home solutions products” company in the U.S., has come out with a lighting option to aid in this seasonal problem.  The NuTone Haven “contains a mosquito repellant that is distributed as a vapor when turned on” and can either be installed as part of a system or as a single unit.

Many lights can attract insects toward the home, but these will work to chase mosquitoes from closing in on residents rather than the opposite.  This way, people can feature attractive landscape lighting in their yard for both aesthetic and safety reasons while also keeping away one of summer’s most annoying problems.

NuTone claims that “no other system does what this does,” and if that’s true, they’ll likely see big sales and a positive response when their product is introduced onto the landscape lighting scene.  After all, who wouldn’t want a system or fixture that lights up the area and banishes mosquitoes, particularly when so many (even within the U.S.) have concerns about the infamous Zika virus?

The system has been tested with the EPA for effectiveness and safety and whatever mosquitoes don’t fly away when they sense the spray system would be killed.  NuTone is confident that based on their unique offering, its success in its functionality, and its discrete nature, landscapers and homeowners alike will flock to the product.

If you are tired of heavy mosquito presence in your area, consider purchasing a NuTone Haven system for your yard.  For general lighting concerns and questions, or to learn more about developments in landscape lighting technology, get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling.


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