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Outdoor Outlet Safety: What You Need to Know

Damaged outdoor outlets are among the biggest causes of electrocutions and home fires in the United States. As a homeowner, you need to ensure your family and home are safe by following proper outdoor outlet safety measures.

Outdoor Outlet Safety Tips

Tip #1: Inspect Your Outdoor Outlets

It is not always advisable to wait until the wires are bare or the outlet cover is hanging to make a move. Random checks can help you detect deterioration ahead of time and to make repairs on the cheap.

Tip #2: Install Weatherproof Outlets

The National Electric Code requires the use of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GCFI) outlets as a measure to curb shock and electrocution as well as detect ground faults. GFCI outlets automatically interrupt the flow of electricity when there is an electricity “leak,” or if the appliance plugged in comes into contact with water.

Tip #3: Use the Correct Outdoor Extension Cord

Indoor and outdoor extension cords differ. Most noteworthy, outdoor extension cords have stronger insulation to protect them from moisture, sunlight, and temperature fluctuations. The type of plug should help you tell the difference between an outdoor and indoor extension cord. Most indoor extension cords have two-pronged plugs while outdoor extension cords have three-prongs.

Tip #4: Cover Your Outdoor Outlets

To reduce the risk of damage from the elements, ensure all your outdoor outlets have a strong metal or plastic cover. Any wires should be tucked under the outlet cover away from direct sunshine and rain.

Contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling Services

Damage from outdoor outlet-related accidents is costly and can be irreversible. A little responsibility can help you keep the prospect at bay and protect your home from unnecessary danger. The above measures are a good place to start for outdoor outlet safety. However, if more complex work is required, such as outlet replacement and outlet testing, then call Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling Services. If you are looking for residential electrical service in Taneytown, MD, we can assist. We serve counties in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

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