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Porch Lighting to Highlight Your Home

There are numerous ways to illuminate a porch in a beautiful way while also providing extra security. If you’re interested in upgrading your porch lighting, or you need repairs, Tim Kyle offers residential electrical service in Towson.

The Benefits of Porch Lighting

Aside from making it easier to navigate the area, porch lighting deters potential crime. It also creates a warm, inviting welcome for your visitors. The size of your porch helps determine how to use the area and what practicalities you need to consider. You may only need to illuminate an entryway. Or in the case of a large porch area, you may need lighting for multiple purposes such as safely entertaining guests.

For an small entranceway, consider adding a traditional, hanging lantern. The higher the ceiling of your porch, the larger the light should be. Also consider lighting the architectural features of your home. Adding lights at the bottom of each side of the door frame can bring attention to the doorway. If you have a larger, fully covered porch which feels like a luxurious room, choose lights for ambiance and style. Add an outdoor pendant to the ceiling or ground lights that beam upwards. You can illuminate features of your outdoor porch area such as planters, shrubs, and the walls. Or chose a simple spotlight for lighting a range of details on your porch.

Remember, it is not energy efficient to leave your porch lights on throughout daylight hours. Instead, purchase lights with twilight detectors, which simply turn on when the sun sets. For added safety, choose a motion-sensor light that is activated by heat or movement.

Looking for Residential Electrical Service in Towson?

Tim Kyle has been serving the electrical needs of residential and commercial clients in the Maryland area since 1986. In addition to porch lighting, our services include repairs and rewiring, new installation and remodeling, emergency standby power, and smart home lighting. For more information, click here!

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