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Do You Have an Ungrounded Outlet?

Is an ungrounded outlet dangerous? Should a homeowner replace two-prong outlets? Trust your electrician in Sykesville to provide the answers to your questions regarding an ungrounded outlet. Read on to learn more.

Ungrounded Outlet: What You Need to Know

Have you come across an electrical outlet in your home with only two vertical holes? These two-prong outlets are non-grounded or ungrounded outlets. On the other hand, three-prong outlets are grounded, therefore they provide additional safety.

All receptacles have hot wires that deliver electricity from the neighborhood power source to your home and neutral wires that send the electricity back to the power source. The third wire in grounded outlets represents the ground wire that acts as a safety feature. Should your electrical system receive excess electricity, the ground wire transports the excess energy to the earth for absorption.

Without the third wire, you may face a risk of shock, electrocution, or even fire. Also, if you use ungrounded outlets to power large devices, you might experience frequent short circuits that damage appliances.

If you reside in a home with numerous two-prong outlets, then you should check the number of appliances you connect to a circuit to minimize overloads. Additionally, check out the wiring’s insulation to ensure it’s intact. Alternatively, consider calling your electrician in Sykesville to replace the ungrounded with grounded outlets.

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