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GFCI Outlet: How to Reset If It Stops Working

A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI outlet) is installed where there is a high risk of moisture. If it stops working, it’s because the circuit has been grounded unintentionally through a conductive source. Though it’s normally safe to reset the circuit, a homeowner should investigate the source of the grounding.

What Causes a GFCI Outlet to Stop Working?

A GCFI outlet cuts off power when there is a ground fault. The outlet senses a fault by monitoring the current that runs between the hot and neutral ends of a circuit. If the GFCI detects a difference in current between the two ends, the circuit cuts off to reduce the potential damage and even electrocution. This could happen as a result of someone coming into contact with a frayed wire, or water entered the device’s circuitry and caused the GFCI outlet to cut the power. Regardless, it is important to inspect why the GFCI outlet tripped before resetting it to avoid any future shock.

After inspection and assurance that everything is safe, you will need to reset the outlet. Resetting a GFCI outlet is incredibly easy. Simply push the “Reset” button on the front of the outlet. However, if the outlet trips repeatedly, contact your local electrician for further assessment.

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