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Grounded Outlets Mean Better Safety

Appliances must be connected to a functional power outlet in order to draw power from your home’s electrical grid. However, do you know if your outlet is grounded or ungrounded? Read on to discover the differences between the two. Plus learn why grounded outlets mean better safety for you and your family.

Ungrounded Versus Grounded Outlets

Electricity reaches the inside of your home through pronged power outlets that professional electricians install throughout your home’s space. These outlets have a hot wire that carries electric currents from the local power source into the home. They also have a neutral wire that transports power back to the source, thus creating a complete circuit.

Ungrounded outlets only have two wires. However, if the receptacle has these two wires plus a third ground wire, it’s referred to as a grounded outlet. The physical differences of grounded and ungrounded outlets are quite obvious. Grounded outlets have a three-prong interface, while ungrounded receptacles have only two prongs.

Most importantly, a ground wire plays a significant role in promoting the electrical safety of your home. When an outlet or your residence’s electrical system experiences a surge in power, it can help reduce the risk of electrocution or fire. In a home with grounded outlets, the power surge will travel from the receptacle back to the residence’s electrical panel. Then the ground wire moves the excess voltage into the earth. Once the electric currents have reached the earth, they can no longer harm your electrical appliances or any person who comes into contact with the outlet.

Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling

If your home was constructed before the 1960s and you have mainly ungrounded outlets, your electrician should replace them, especially in bathrooms, garages, or laundry rooms. If you’re looking for an Adams County electrician, contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling for reliable service. Existing older homes wiring, outlets, and main electrical panels can easily become outdated. We can take care of any of your rewiring or electrical panel needs. Contact us today.

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