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Is Your Outlet Sparking?

According to theĀ U.S Fire Administration, 24,000 residential electrical fires were reported from 2014 to 2016. Of those fires, 12% originated from an outlet sparking. Read on to learn what can cause outlet fires and how to protect your home and family.

Common Causes of Electrical Outlet Sparking

If your house is older, you should probably check your electrical outlets for necessary updates. With repeated use, the outlets can wear and tear, resulting in long sparks of electricity. Homeowners should also pay attention to the maximum load count for each electrical circuit. New outlets may have a slightly higher limit in comparison to older ones. If you plug in more appliances than the circuit can manage, it’ll spark and probably cause a fire hazard.

Circuits have three wires: hot, neutral, and ground. A short circuit will occur if there’s a loose connection in the outlet, and the hot wire comes in contact with either the neutral or ground wire. The result is the creation of an extra current with extra heat. This can cause a fire in your outlet when you attempt to plug in an appliance.

Finally, you are probably aware that you need to keep electric appliances away from water. Water can cause extreme sparking if it comes in proximity to an outlet.

Contact Your Local Electrician

Handling electrical components can become a matter of life and death, especially if your outlets are sparking. You should contact certified electricians who have training in safety practices and have the correct equipment to handle electrical work. Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling has professionally trained technicians who handle multiple electric needs, from frayed electrical cords to outlet sparking. For an expert electrician in Frederick, contact us today.

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