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Proper Installation of an Outdoor Outlet

From plugging in entertainment devices to lighting your backyard, an outdoor outlet has many uses. If your Baltimore area home needs a new outlet for outdoor use, you need to ensure safe installation. Working with a Baltimore County, MD electrician will help you add this convenience while protecting your home at the same time.

Benefits of an Outdoor Outlet

Outdoor outlets can make outdoor living much more enjoyable. With an outlet in your front or back yard, you can plug in devices to use for outdoor entertainment, such as movie projectors or music players. Also, having outlets outside can make yard work easier. You can run electrical equipment outdoors without dangerous and unwieldy extension cord. When the holiday season rolls around, you can add your festive lights and other décor without risk. Let your home be the talk of the block because of your display, not because of the electrical fire you started when you plugged them in.

Safe Installation

While they have many benefits, outlets that are outdoors are a risk. These outlets are constantly exposed to the environment and weather, and this increases the risk of electrical fires. In fact, the National Electrical Code has specific requirements for outdoor circuits and electrical equipment. For receptacles, you must ensure that

  • All outdoor receptacles have GFCI protection.
  • You have at least one receptacle in the front and the rear of the house positioned no more than 6.5 feet above the ground or deck surface.
  • If the receptacle is in a damp location, it must have a weatherproof cover.
  • If the yard has a swimming pool, the receptacle must be within a safe distance of the pool.

The best way to ensure that you follow these guidelines when installing an outdoor outlet is with the help of a licensed Baltimore County MD electrician. A licensed electrician is well-versed in the current building and safety code requirements and can install your outlet quickly and safely to reduce the risk for your family and home. To learn more about installing outdoor outlets, reach out to Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling Service today.

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