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Recessed Outlets: A New Option

Recessed outlets are a new trend. This type of outlet has a face plate set deeper into the wall than a regular outlet. The recess prevents plugs and connectors from protruding beyond the surface of the wall. Not only do recessed electrical outlets make a sleek aesthetic statement, but they also offer safety advantages.

Recessed Outlets in Your Home

Use recessed electrical outlets in your home in the following ways:

  • Behind wall-mounted flat-screen TVs. The whole point of wall mounting is to have AV hardware as flush against the wall as possible. Recessed outlets help avoid cable clutter and potential tripping hazards. They can create the illusion that your flat screen is floating mid-wall, which is great if you’re looking for a minimalist vibe.
  • The same concept also applies to furniture placement. Recessed outlets behind furniture allow you to keep sofas or bookcases tight to the wall. This can help to maximize floor space and create the illusion of a larger room.
  • Normal outdoor outlets require covers for protection against the elements. However, recessed outlet covers are closer to the wall and more sleek than the big plastic bubbles that cover conventional outdoor outlets.
  • Installing recessed outlets in a small bathroom or powder room can help to maximize a small space. In a kitchen, these outlets can be placed strategically to keep cables and plugs off counter tops and away from water hazards.

Outlet Upgrades

If you’re preparing to upgrade your home’s electrical outlets, you may want to ask about “smart” recessed outlets: the next stage in the evolution of electrical interfaces. These types of outlets may include cable, ethernet, or USB ports for charging devices and GFCIs (ground-fault circuit interrupters) for increased safety from electrical surges.

Recessed outlets look great, and installing them is best accomplished by a professional. Looking for an experienced residential electrician in Baltimore County? Contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling to learn more about recessed outlets and other residential electrical innovations.

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