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Replace Old Outlets to Keep Your Home Safe

One of the things any qualified residential electrical service in Emmitsburg will tell you about preventing house fires is to make sure that your wiring is up-to-date, which has a huge impact on safety. This especially applies to replacing outdated or nonfunctional electrical outlets. In fact, when you replace your old outlets, your fire risk drops substantially.

How Old Is “Too Old”?

A general rule of thumb is to replace your outlets if your home is more than 40 years old. Electrical wiring deteriorates over time, and this includes the insulation around the wires. In addition, not all older homes have “grounding wires” in the outlets, making them riskier for surges and sparks. Three-prong or GFCI receptacles are considered to be the new standard in this area.

Why Should I Replace My Outlets?

There are many reasons to replace old outlets. Older outlets may not be equipped to handle the power requirements from new appliances or electronics, and this runs the risk of the outlets becoming overloaded. Having them inspected by an electrician can let you know if there is any wire degradation or other issues that would make using them unsafe. Making sure that appliances, TVs, as well as computers, are “grounded” can make your home safer and protect your electronics from damage.

The Benefits of Modern Outlets

Upgrading your outlets to three-prong or GFCI outlets is a smart decision. You can also include surge protection, as well as add space for a USB to plug right into the wall. By grading your outlets, you can enjoy modern conveniences, like faster charging of your phone or tablet, while also avoiding electrical safety hazards. Replacing outlets can improve your home’s livability and even increase its value. It may be an investment, but that’s an investment in the life of your electronics, and the safety of those in your home.

When you’re ready, give Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling a call. Your family’s safety is our priority. We can thoroughly inspect your home and give you a reliable risk assessment and custom quote. You’ve heard the saying–offense is the best defense. It applies to electrical systems too. We provide comprehensive testing to keep your home powered safely.

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