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Three-Prong Outlets: Should I Upgrade?

As technology progresses, items that were suitable in the past can now become obsolete, and even potentially-dangerous if they’re really outdated. If you have an older home with two-prong outlets, then your safest option is to have those outlets rewired to grounded three-prong outlets.

Two-Prong Outlets Versus Three-Prong Outlets

A three-prong outlet has a ground wire while a two-prong outlet doesn’t. A ground wire protects you from possible surges of electricity. Most noteworthy, you’re at a higher risk of experiencing electric shock, an electrical fire, or damaged electronics if you continue to use two-prong outlets.

Electricity is transferred from the walls of a house to an appliance through an outlet. An outlet is seldom considered to be dangerous, but because electricity is inherently dangerous, proper precautions should be made to accommodate its usage. American homes built a few decades ago usually have outdated technology that has the potential for disaster if upgrades are not made. Two-prong outlets are “ungrounded,” which means that any burst of electrical current in the house could result in sparks from the outlet. As a result, this spark has the ability to cause damage to appliances and to the electrical framing of the house. Just one spark can lead to a major house fire!

Need an Upgrade?

Older homes’ existing wiring and main electrical panels may well be outdated and hazardous. If you have an older home with primarily two-prong outlets, then you should consider replacing them with three-prong outlets. Three-prong outlets channel electricity through a grounding device, which is the third prong. The ground wire acts as a shortcut and directs any surge of excess electricity to safely flow into the ground. Redirection prevents any sparks from happening in the case of an electrical surge.

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