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Upgrade Outlets for Home Safety

A two-prong outlet is not grounded: therefore, it does not have adequate wiring to protect you from possible surges of electricity. Without this extra protection, you are at risk for electrical shock, electric fires, and damaged appliances. If you have older two-prong outlets in your home, then you should upgrade outlets for home safety.

Upgrade Outlets for Safety

The main difference between a two-prong outlet and a three-prong outlet is that the latter is configured to have a ground wire. A two-prong outlet does not. A ground wire acts as a shortcut and directs the surge of excess electricity to safely flow into the ground. Every outlet is made up of a hot and neutral wire. A hot wire delivers power, while the neutral wire sends electricity back to the main electrical panel. However, if these wires receive a surge of electricity and there isn’t a way to relieve the excess, then they deliver an electric shock.

Contact Your Electrician

An electrician can ground an older two-prong outlet. Grounding an outlet requires attaching a wire and running it from your outlet to the grounding screw at the back of your electrical box. A technician can also replace any two-prong outlets with three-prong outlets. The third wire in these three-prong outlets allows for an additional path for electrical currents. These outlets are less likely to cause short circuits compared with two-prong outlets.

Finally, a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) provides one of the best options for upgrade outlets.  A GFCI will monitor the flow of electricity traveling through the outlet and cut the power if the voltage ever gets too high. GFCIs provide extra protection for outlets located in damp areas, such as restrooms, kitchens, or garages.

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