Advanced Power Strip: A Modern Advantage

Today’s homes contain a significant amount of electronic devices that comprise almost 10% of the home’s electricity bills. One way to reduce the amount of energy required to power all of your devices is to use something called an advanced power strip. Advanced power strips look like ordinary power strips, except that they have built-in features for reducing the amount of energy used.

Choose an Advanced Power Strip

Most individuals forget to switch off devices when not in use, not knowing that plugged-in devices continue to draw power, and so your electrical bills continue to go up. If you are eager to reduce costs, then choose an advanced power strip and reduce your energy expenses by nearly 30%. Using an advanced power strip helps people to be able to use their electronics while still reducing their energy consumption.

When using an advanced power strip, it is essential that you use the strip correctly. They are used primarily in home entertainment centers and home office areas because of how much is plugged in in those areas. Advanced power strips are either “Tier 1” (“master controlled”) or “Tier 2” (“activity monitor”).

Tier 1 power strips have one master socket, one or more “always-on” sockets, and one or more controlled sockets. The concept is simple. The power strip detects a drop in consumption when the plugged-in device turns off. It then cuts the power to the controlled sockets, eliminating energy consumption from peripheral devices.

Tier 2 power strips do not depend solely on the power draw through a master socket to determine whether to turn off devices. They turn off devices by level of activity in the room. A sensor detects infrared signals in the room (from any of the remotes used to control the electronics), thus, all the controlled devices will automatically turn off if no activity is sensed.

Contact Your Electrician for an Energy Audit

An advanced power strip is a simple DIY solution for reducing energy costs and should be considered by all homeowners. If you are looking for more ways to save, contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling. By examining your appliances and other energy-hungry electrical sources, we can help develop a strategy to save money every month on your energy bills. If you are looking for an electrical energy audit in Hanover, PA, contact us today.

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