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Learn More About a Power Strip

A power strip contains several sockets and attaches to a flexible cable. It allows multiple appliances to be plugged in to one power source. Because of its flexibility, it is commonly used in areas that have several appliances—like kitchens, living rooms, entertainment rooms, and offices. Learn more about the use of power strips in your home.

Power Strip Basics

Some people think that a power strip is the same thing as a surge protector when, in fact, this is not the case. A surge protector guards electronics against power spikes, while a power strip simply offers additional power outlets. There are three kinds of power strips available:

  • Commercial-grade strips, which come in a floor mount, wall mount, or workbench designs and are great for ordinary appliances.
  • Office-grade power strips which have several sockets and are covered in rugged housing for long-term use.
  • Hospital-grade strips, which are switchless to prevent accidental shut-offs.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing

Power strips are useful devices as they connect all electronics to a power source in an organized way. However, some people tend to overload them, which can cause fires or damage appliances. That’s why it is essential to buy a quality product and use it with care. When shopping for power strips, look for:

  • Thermal sensors which can detect when you’re starting to overload and promptly warn you so you can remove some of the connections. They can also trigger an alarm or automatically shut off your power strip once they detect power overload.
  • An adequate number of receptacles or ports for your intended use. Also, consider the space between receptacles. Use a strip with sockets that are placed a reasonable distance from one another.
  • The right voltage capacity. Depending on where you will be using it and the kind of devices you are likely to plug into it, you need to get one with adequate voltage capacity. This helps minimize the chances of the device being overloaded.
  • Enough length of the electric cable. You need to ensure that the electrical cord is long enough and that is not damaged.

For more help on finding the right type of power strip for your needs, contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling: a residential electrical service for Frederick, MD.

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