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3 Important Residential Services We Offer

Anytime you look around your home, you probably see some home improvement projects you need to tackle. Well, if you look at your electrical system, there’s always something that needs attention. Fortunately, when you need an Owings Mills electrician, the professionals at Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling are available, offering homeowners a number of services to assist.

Panel Upgrades

Every time you plug in a new appliance or device, you add stress to your panel. And, unfortunately, older breakers aren’t capable of meeting the energy demands of today’s modern devices. We can upgrade your panel to your current energy needs, resulting in fewer tripped breakers and increased safety.

Surge Protection РMore Services From an Owings Mills Electrician

Think of all the appliances and electrical devices you plug into your home at any given time. If a surge should occur, they’re at risk of damage, especially computers and high-tech appliances. Unnoticed smaller surges are taking place that can cause wear and tear on your system and wires over time. They even pose the risk of causing a house fire.

We, however, can install whole-house surge protection to give you peace of mind that all your devices and home are safe in the event of a surge. We install the device to your main panel, and it protects every circuit in your home. We can install a separate one to shield your cable and phone lines as well.

Security Lighting

You can protect yourself and your family and possessions with security lighting. It’s motion-activated lighting that can alert you when someone is outside. It’s also beneficial because it turns on when you’re walking up your sideway at night and want to get through the door safely. A professional from our team can install the lighting so it works properly when you need it most.

How an Owings Mills Electrician Can Assist With Your Electrical Needs

An Owings Mills electrician can complete panel upgrades or install surge protection or security lighting, among other services. Every installation or upgrade we complete comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We want to not only keep you and your family safe but also meet your electrical needs.

If you need a residential electrical service, contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling today at 410-876-9404, or use our online form.

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