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How Do I Replace My Ceiling Fan?

Ceiling fans keep your house cool without relying so much on your air conditioning, so they not only keep you comfortable, they can save you money on your electrical bill as well. The overhead lights they come with are pretty convenient, too. Replacing your broken down ceiling fan can be quite a job, though. If you live in Perry Hall then you might want to get the help of a good residential Electrical Service in Perry Hall instead of doing it yourself.

Turning off the Power

The first step in replacing your ceiling fan is turning off the power. Just turning the power switch off is not enough. You need to find the circuit breaker box and flip the right circuit breaker into the off position. There should be a chart or diagram inside the box telling you which one to flip. If you don’t turn off the circuit breaker, you run the risk of electrocuting yourself. To be certain you got the right breaker, you should double check with a circuit tester, as well.

Removing the Old Fan

Next, you have to disconnect the old fan from the mounting brackets. The procedure for this will vary depending on the model of fan. You must also disconnect the wires.

Wiring the New Fan – Residential Electrical Service in Perry Hall

This is the really complex part and the procedure for it, too, depends on the model of fan you are installing. It will involve threading the wires through the trim ring, cutting the wiring and stripping the insulation from the ends, attaching the fan’s wires to those of your house circuit, and tucking the wires away out of sight.

Mounting the New Fan

While the exact procedure varies by model, but it usually involves attaching the canopy to the motor assembly and then attaching them both to the mounting bracket, all while keeping the wires in place.

Attaching the Fan Blades

After the central unit is mounted on the ceiling, it’s time to attach the fan blades. This might involve pushing grommets into the mounting holes first. Then you need to attach the brackets. Put all of the screws into each bracket before tightening them, to ensure that the brackets sit flush. Then, mount the blades onto the brackets in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Installing the Bulbs

You can’t just install any bulbs in the ceiling fan, you have to make sure they’re on the list approved by the manufacturer. You might need to install light shades before you put the bulbs in. Alternatively, you might need to install a light globe afterward, instead.

Call a Professional in Residential Electrical Service in Perry Hall for Help

Replacing a ceiling fan is an advanced electrical project. It’s best to leave this sort of thing to the professionals. Residents of Perry Hall should contact a high quality residential electrical service in Perry Hall like Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling.

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