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Avoid Electrical Hazards at Home

Modern day society relies heavily on electricity, which is why its important to safeguard against electrical hazards in the home. Learn more about what potential hazards may be lurking in your house and how to safeguard against electrocution or electrical fires.

Electrical Hazards in Your Home

Protect yourself from potential harm with the following tips:

  • Look for defective electric wires as they will increase the chance of fire, arc faults, and power surges.
  •  Make sure you have GFCI outlets installed in areas of the kitchen, bathroom, or outdoors that are close to water sources or at risk for moisture exposure.
  • Do not handle an electrical appliance with wet hands as it increases the chances of getting shocked.
  • Avoid pouring water on an electrical fire as it will only fuel the fire and possibly result in electrocution.
  • Keep lamps and other light or heat sources away from flammable materials such as plastics, drapes, or bedding.
  • Never overload an outlet or power strip by having too many appliances plugged into the same unit.
  • Use outlet protectors if there are toddlers in the house to prevent them from sticking objects or fingers into outlets.
  • Don’t use extension cords as a permanent substitute for lack of electrical outlets in certain rooms.
  • Make sure computers and televisions have enough ventilation to avoid overheating.

Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling

At Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, your family’s safety is our priority. Because we rely on our electrical systems all day and night in most homes, we recommend regular inspections of your systems and evaluations. Time wears down even the best appliances, and we certainly don’t think that you should wait until an electrical fire to realize that yours are out of date. Our technicians know what to look for, so no potential risk will go unnoticed. We’ll be open and honest with you about the state in which we find the electrical system and everything in it, and will make recommendations of services or repairs based on that evaluation. If you are looking for an electrician in Frederick County, Maryland, contact us today.



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