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Avoid Electrical Injuries in the Workplace

Electrical injuries at the office or workplace may cost lives. They are usually caused by exposed wires, energized conductors or circuits. Impairment can range from eye injuries to shock or electrocution. Read on to learn more about the potential causes of electrical hazards and tips for prevention.

Electrical Injuries in the Workplace

Most electrical injuries in the workplace are caused by the following:

  • Faulty wiring of circuits
  • Use of electrical equipment with wet hands
  • Overloaded outlets
  • Incorrect replacement of fuses
  • Poorly installed or ill-maintained electrical equipment
  • Use of flexible extension cables

Education is the key to prevention. Discuss safety measures with all employees. In addition, use the following guidelines:

  • Don’t overload the outlets.
  • Place non-electric covers on any exposed electric components or wire.
  • Use double insulated, grounded electric equipment.
  • Always unplug any electrical appliance that is not in use or immediately after use.
  • Pay attention to warning signs in the workplace.
  • Regularly check for defects in cords and if any are found, report immediately.
  • Maintain a clearance of at least 3 feet from all electrical panels.
  • Make sure your hands are dry before touching any electrical appliance.
  • Refrain from using electrical cords under carpets, across doorways, or in areas with heavy foot traffic.
  • Always make sure two extension cords are not plugged together.
  • When unplugging, ensure to hold the grip well and pull. Don’t pull the cord from a distance.

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