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Baby Proofing Electrical Items

Electricity makes our lives easier, but it can be dangerous. Adults know the risks of electricity, however, small children don’t and can be seriously injured if they poke around electrical outlets. Over 2,400 children are injured every year due to electrical outlet mishaps. Here are some inexpensive and easy steps from a professional Cockeysville electrician that you can take to babyproof your home’s electrical outlets.

How to Babyproof Electrical Items in Your Home

Installing outlet caps is the simplest and cheapest way to babyproof your electrical outlets. These caps are inserted into the plugs. They prevent children from putting anything into the plug. They can easily be removed by an adult if they need to use the outlet. In addition, use outlet covers on extension cords. The outlets on extension cords are attractive to the little ones as well.

Outlet plate covers can also be used. These sliding plate covers close automatically when you unplug the device. They’re a little more expensive, but they’re more convenient. You don’t have to remove the cover every time you want to plug something in.

Power strips should also be made childproof. While having extra outlets installed is preferable, if you do use power strips, there are covers available that will keep the little ones safe. They block the unused outlets and can be removed as needed.

Finally, if you have extension cords running along the wall or across the floor, use gaffer’s tape (similar to duct tape but stronger) to secure the cord to the floor, baseboard, or wall. Also shorten extension cords to avoid trips and falls. A simple way to shorten a long extension cord is to wrap it in loops and secure it with tape or a zip tie. There are also some inexpensive devices that will do the same thing and look a lot nicer.

Tim Kyle: Cockeysville Electrician

If your home was built after 2015 and is up to code, it has tamper-resistant receptacles. These receptacles have spring-loaded shutters that close off the slots when the plug is removed and prevent anything from being inserted. However, if your house is older, contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling to further assist with all of your home’s electrical needs. Your family’s safety is our top priority.

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