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Beware of Pool Electrocution

Substandard or defective electrical systems are the primary cause of pool electrocution. So, what can cause electrical systems in pools to fail? Read on to learn more.

Causes of Pool Electrocution

You don’t want to build a pool that later turns to be a source of sadness. The simplest step to prevent pool electrocution is to ensure all your electrical gadgets (e.g., mobile phones, charging cords, electrical appliances) are distanced safely away from your pool.

One of the major causes of electrocution relates to faulty underwater lighting. Wrongly bonded pool lights can send electric currents in the water and electrocute those in the pool. Unfortunately, switching off your pool lights is not a simple solution. Even when the lights are off, they can still send electric currents in the water. Always contact a pool electrician to fix faulty lights.

Also, weak or old pool wiring is usually not efficient. Wires in pools should be well connected to prevent live ends from coming in contact with water. In addition, pool appliances such as washers, vacuums, and sump pumps should be appropriately grounded in your pool. Grounding prevents electric shocks in the pool since it ensures electrical flow to and from the appliances doesn’t come in contact with pool water.

In addition to proper grounding, having ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) installed in your pool is extremely important. GFCIs prevent pool electrocution by cutting power to an electric machine if they sense excessive currents are flowing through the appliance.

Residential Electrical Service Carroll County MD

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