childproof your outlets

Childproof Your Outlets to Keep Kids Safe

Everyone is excited about a toddler beginning to crawl. Tiny hands begin to reach, explore, and learn. Toddlers discover toys and utensils and explore every corner they can find. Unfortunately, this exploratory phase may also include a new interest in electrical outlets located at their crawling height. A parent must take proper precautions to childproof your outlets before tragedy strikes.

Childproof Your Outlets

The good news is, there are several kinds of outlet protection available:

  • Outlet Plugs. This is the least-expensive way to childproof your outlets, yet it still provides complete, effective protection for your babies. A simple plastic dummy plug is inserted into the outlet when not in use. It completely covers the slots to keep out the fingers of exploring little ones.
  • Safe Plate Slide Covers. These special outlet covers have built-in, spring-loaded slide protection over each outlet. When not in use, the cover slides automatically to one side, blocking access to the actual outlet slots. To plug in a power cord, you catch the slide cover with the prongs and slide it over to line up with the underlying outlet and plug it on in. These are easy to use for adults, and they spring closed automatically so you never forget to take care of the outlet when unplugging.
  • Outlet Covers. A more complete solution to childproof your outlets is to install hinged outlet covers. These are useful on outlets where the child plays frequently and is more likely to experiment with the cables as well as the outlet itself. A clear plastic box-type cover is mounted over the entire outlet, covering the plugs as well as any cables that are plugged into it. Small slots in one side allow it to snap closed over the cables, keeping the child separated from the outlet and any attached power cords.

Getting Help

For help with planning, upgrading, or assessing your home for electrical safety, call on Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, a residential electrical service in Rosemont, MD. Professional service and up-front pricing make Time Kyle Electric your best choice for the safety of your home and family.

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