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Downed Power Line? Read This First

Downed power lines can present a serious danger. Although many people think a downed power line no longer has power running through it, or it is only dangerous if it sparks, this is dangerously far from the truth. Consider all downed electrical lines as potentially deadly, and read on to learn more about the steps you should take.

If You Encounter a Downed Power Line…

If you come across any fallen electrical lines, keep a distance of least 30+ feet away. Then call 911 or your local electrical company. Also, avoid touching anything that is near the downed power line including fences, puddles of water, trees, or vehicles. Even downed power lines channel electricity through the ground, so avoid a potential shock and never touch wires directly. Unfortunately, power lines are not insulated and they’re often mistaken for harmless cables or wires lying on the ground. To make matters worse, energized power lines often do not spark or hum. So always play it safe, keep your distance, and contact the appropriate people if you see anything that looks like a power line.

If power lines fall on your home, do not remove the power line or any nearby debris as improper handling can result in severe injury or death. Call an emergency team immediately so that trained professionals can take care of the situation. If your home has been damaged, you should also contact your local electrician. You will have to repair your home before the utility company reconnects the power if the connection between your home and electrical utility pole has been damaged.

If your car comes into contact with a fallen power line while you are driving, then stay inside the vehicle. First, roll down the window, sound the horn, and call out for help. Also, avoid touching any metal surfaces and do not panic. No one should touch the car or ground near the vehicle until electrical professionals arrive, so inform them as such if they try to approach.

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