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Electrical Dangers in Your Home

Electricity allows us to enjoy heating and air conditioning, hot water, and other things that were once considered a luxury. However, having electricity comes with certain dangers like fire and injury. Here’s your guide to staying safe and avoiding electrical dangers.

Potential Electrical Dangers

You need to call an electrician if you experience or notice any of the following:

  • Frequent issues with blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers
  • A tingling or numbing sensation when you touch an electrical appliance
  • Worn or discolored wall outlets
  • A burning or rubbery smell coming from appliances
  • Flickering or dimming lights
  • Sparks coming from an outlet

It’s important to inspect your home often. Some electrical hazards are more obvious than others.¬†Ensure the cords of appliances and devices are not frayed or damaged in any way. Check the plugs to ensure the prongs are not bent or damaged. Do not run cords across doorways or other common areas. Running cords in common areas pose injury risks and can damage the wall outlet.

Use caution with heat-producing appliances. Toasters, microwaves, irons, and similar items require substantial electricity for operation. Only plug one of these items into an outlet at a time to prevent the wires from overheating and causing a fire or other damages. Also, you should only purchase appliances that have been tested in a qualified laboratory for safety and other regulations. Consider having arc-fault circuit interrupters installed to protect against. They monitor the electrical current in a circuit and shut off the circuit when unintended arcing occurs.

Finally, think about “going green.” Turn off the lights and unplug appliances when you are not using them. Going green can also help save money. Some larger electrical devices will continue to draw electricity even when they are off.

Hire a Residential Electrician in Baltimore County

Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling is a residential electrician in Baltimore county that can help with repairs and rewiring, new installation and remodeling, and home safety service plans. Contact us today to learn more about our services and let us help you avoid any hidden electrical dangers.

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