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Electrical Problems Caused by a Lightning Strike

Lightning travels from the sky to the ground by the fastest possible way. Unfortunately, sometimes your home’s wiring or plumbing system is that way. The first step to take if your home has been struck by lightning is to call the fire department. After they have assessed the situation, contact an electrician to repair any electrical problems.

When Lightning Strikes Your Home

If you know that there is a storm about to occur, you should unplug all electronics and avoid talking on the phone. You should also avoid running water because you could get electrocuted. Lightning and the damage that it causes are unpredictable. If your home is struck by lightning, you will hear a powerful boom that will shake your entire house.

Most homes are equipped to handle being struck by lightning. However, there are a few electrical problems you may experience. A power surge, fire, and shock wave are the most common issues. Power surges cause extra current to flow through the wires resulting in damage to appliances, even those that were not in use. It can even damage surge protectors. If lightning hits the roof or attic, it may start a fire. If the lightning hits the wires, it’s possible that they will also catch on fire. Also, an explosive shock wave from lightning can shatter glass, fracture foundations, and dislodge electrical wiring causing a short circuit.

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