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Electrical Safety for Kids

Our homes totally reliant upon electricity. It provides lighting, cooling and heating,¬† and powers all of our appliances. Electricity is a main part of our day-to-day living, therefore we need to know how to use it safely‚ÄĒespecially when it comes to children in the home. To protect your children from the dangers of electricity, it’s crucial to implement electrical safety tips for kids..

Electrical Safety Tips for Kids

Here are a few simple safety tips to follow:

Cover unused outlets with child safety plugs. Children are curious and will try sticking their fingers or poking small items into electrical outlets. Therefore, cover all unused electrical outlets and sockets with safety caps or plugs.

Don’t plug too much into one outlet. An overloaded outlet may attract the attention of youngsters, but playing with the plugs can lead to electric shock. Ensure each extension cord or outlet has the correct amperage to support the devices that are plugged into it.

Keep appliances out of reach. Placing appliances within easy reach of children potentially exposes them to electrocution hazards. Light switches should also be a little harder to reach.

Keep appliances away from water. Electricity and water don’t mix, so teach your child to be careful with electrical devices around water. In the bathroom, disconnect and safely store electric shavers and hair dryers every time they are not in use. Blenders and toasters should be used away from the kitchen sink. This will ensure children do not play or use electric appliances near wet areas. Also make sure all circuits near electricity and water are grounded to help prevent shocks.

Think about electrical cord placement. Wires should be out of main traffic areas and never run under carpets. Unorganized cables often cause tripping and other related accidents especially when you have kids running around the house. You should also be careful not to pinch the cord in doorways.

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