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Emergency Electrical Repair Service

When the power goes out, it feels like an electrical emergency. After all, no one in the house can use anything electronic, right? But there are true electrical emergencies that call for electrical repair from an electrician in Emmitsburg. The difference between an emergency and an inconvenience is easy to identify when you know the signs.

Electrical Emergencies

If you smell something burning between your walls, in appliances, or around electrical outlets, that’s not something you should ignore. It could mean that your house is at risk for an electrical fire. Identify where the smell originates and unplug everything to that area. To be extra safe, you might want to turn the power off at the breakers while you call an electrician.

When your power goes out during a wind storm, you know what’s happening. However, if the power goes out with no obvious reason, it could become an emergency. Your home’s wiring might be old or overburdened, and you may not get power back until you fix those issues.

Service panels are supposed to be cool to the touch. If you approach yours and notice that it’s much hotter than normal, you need electrical repair. There are a lot of strong currents that start in that area and there could be frayed wires or other issues behind the panel causing it to heat up.

Electricity is not something you want to mess around with. If you even suspect that you need an electrician in Emmitsburg, the best thing to do is call one right away. That way, you can get professional advice as to whether or not your home’s electrical issues are an emergency or if they’re something that can safely wait.

Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling

If you are facing an emergency and need immediate repair, contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling for 24/7 service. We are reliable electricians in Emmitsburg who can take care of emergencies, everyday situations, and everything in between.

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