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Fall Electrical Safety Tips

Having an electrical safety inspection is essential in the Fall to avoid higher energy bills and electrical fires. The last thing you want is to put your home and entire family in danger. Don’t worry, we’ve prepared a list of electrical tips to keep you safe in your own home. For electrical safety inspections, please don’t hesitate to contact a residential electrical service in Finksburg.

Electrical Safety Tips

The impending colder weather this fall is a reminder to improve your electrical practices. Below are electrical safety tips you need to adhere to:

  • Use space heaters properly. Be extra careful when using space heaters to heat up a room. While they are a good option for energy saving, space heaters can become a safety hazard. Keep it at least three feet away from any flammables and don’t use an extension cord for your space heater.
  • Inspect the leaf blowers. Check these outdoor tools for any damage. Only use those in good shape to avoid accidents.
  • Check extension cords. Are your holiday decorations and lights ready? Whether it’s for indoor or outdoor use, make sure you thoroughly inspect them for any wear and tear. Additionally, consider investing in surge protectors for added protection.
  • Use weatherproof devices outdoors. Protect all your outdoor electrical devices and make sure they don’t get wet. If a piece of electrical equipment is wet, have it inspected by a certified electrician.
  • Safely use electric blankets when necessary. Using an electrical blanket is an effective way to save energy but you need to make sure they’re in good shape. Also, don’t put anything on top of the electric blankets when in use. If you have pets, ensure they don’t sleep on your electric blanket.

Residential Electrical Service in Finksburg

Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling is a trusted and reliable electrical company that helps homeowners and businesses in Finksburg and surrounding areas. We can help with repairs, new installation and remodeling, landscape lighting, surge protection and home safety service plan. Feel free to get in touch for a list of all our services. Contact us for an estimate if you need residential electrical service in Finksburg.

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