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Fire Alarms Designed for Commercial Properties

Fire alarms for commercial properties differ from the residential ones. If you are in need of an electrician in York county then look no further, Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling can assist you with all your electricity needs. We can ensure your commercial fire alarms are up to code for your area.

Commercial Fire Alarms

Commercial fire alarms can be automatic or manual. Automatic alarms detect heat and smoke within a certain vicinity. If a problem is detected, they send both a visual and audio alert to warn the occupants of that space. Manual fire alarms are the type that a user must activate once a fire or smoke is detected in the building. In some cases, an occupant may smell smoke or see a small fire and react faster than the sensors of an automatic fire alarm.

Commercial alarms can further be classified as either conventional or addressable. A conventional version connects to a number of different areas and is connected to a central control panel. The conventional fire alarm system is one of the most impressive. It allows the operator to put separate fire alarms in different parts of the building and check to see if any one of them is malfunctioning. This organized approached to commercial fire alarms can be lifesaving. It also helps cultivate the least amount of damage. Features can be individually activated in one part of the building instead of the entire area.

An addressable alarm is one of the more advanced systems. It is very similar to conventional fire alarm systems. This system allows you to use both the automatic and manual features of the fire alarms. Each fire alarm in this system will have its own address of sorts. It will also monitor all of the alarms and alert the user to any broken or malfunctioning systems.

Tim Kyle: Electrician in York County

Look no further if you have a project that calls for an expert in commercial electrical services. At Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, we service commercial clients large and small to better serve everyone who needs professional electrical work taken care of. We serve the greater Baltimore area, including Adams and York County in Pennsylvania. Contact us today to learn more about fire alarm systems for your business.

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