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Fire Alarms Need Regular Check-Ups

Tim Kyle is invested not only in your happiness, but in your safety.  That’s why we offer safety checks and fire alarm installations.  Prepare your building, home, and family in case of an emergency by getting safety devices and fire alarms checked regularly and by having a plan of action.

Don’t Neglect Your Safety Devices and Fire Alarms

“2,200 deaths were caused by burns and injuries in destructive fires in 2013.”  This is a horrifying number, considering that it’s been said that the presence of fire alarms within the residence can cut this dangerous potential in half.  Don’t wait until you hear the tell-tale chirping or have an incident burning dinner to know that your alarms are either working or not.

Something that many people might not know is that there are two different types of electric smoke alarms: ionization and photoelectric.  Do a little research and determine which is best for you… or, to be as careful as you can, consider installing both.  You also want to have a carbon monoxide detector.  Though it may seem excessive when you first purchase and put in all these devices, they’re absolutely necessary and could end up saving lives.

Because you can only do so much for others during an emergency event, make sure that you have an escape plan mapped out with your family and anyone else in the residence, including a place to meet once you’ve exited the building.  To ensure that everyone can make it out, identify two viable exists for each room in case one is blocked by fire and review proper techniques for avoiding smoke inhalation.

To avoid smaller fires, keep flames, matches, candles, and other hazards away from children and make sure you can successfully use a fire extinguisher.  Make sure that kids know the age-old “stop, drop, and roll.”  Don’t forget that “it’s not only fire that can cause severe burns,” and that other dangers come from “sun exposure… hot water, chemicals, electricity and coin lithium batteries,” for example.

One of the best ways to avoid fire danger is with preventative measures.

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