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Guide to Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Commercial fire alarm systems are essential for different reasons. These commercial systems provide quick response times during emergencies. In addition, business fire alarm systems increase the safety of everyone in an establishment. Here is a detailed guide regarding commercial fire alarm systems along with ways a Baltimore County MD electrician can help.

Parts of Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

The standard components of a commercial fire alarm system include the following:

  • Fire alarm control panel is the central station for all the system’s functions. This central hub relays information, monitors the system’s integrity and inputs, and also controls outputs.
  • Primary power supply¬†is what powers the alarm system. 124V or 240V typically power a traditional commercial fire alarm system.
  • Secondary power supply serves as its backup. It often uses lead batteries. Most important, this second power source is necessary if the primary power source malfunctions.
  • Initiating devices of a commercial fire alarm system can be manual or automatic. The manual initiating devices are often the pull stations. In contrast, the automatic initiating devices are the smoke detectors.
  • Notification appliances are those that alert people of a current emergency. This includes speakers, flashing lights, horns, and strobe lights.

Currently there are three different types of commercial fire alarm systems: conventional, addressable, and a hybrid version. Conventional fire alarms contain hardwired zones that are connected to the control panel. Conventional fire alarms allow users to have separate fire alarms in different sections of a building. Addressable fire alarms are known as “intelligent systems.” These systems monitor fire alarms within a specific building. In comparison, hybrid fire alarms contain hardwired features of conventional alarm systems and addressable alarm systems into a single panel.

Hiring a Baltimore County MD Electrician

Do you need a Baltimore County MD electrician to assist with your commercial fire alarm systems? At Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, safety is our priority. We install fire alarms make sure they are functioning properly. In addition, we will leave instructions on to how to maintain and monitor them over time. Contact us today for more information.

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