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Holiday Electrical Considerations

Decorating for the holidays can be a great way to express yourself and show your holiday cheer. Of course, it’s crucial to keep in mind: safety comes first. Approximately 150 homes catch fire during the holiday season, so take the time to make sure that all holiday electrical components are safe rather than setting them up and moving on.

Holiday Electrical Safety Tips

Use proper extension cords for your decorations. There are extension cords that are designed for interior use and some that are designed for exterior use. Be sure that you use the correct cords! Otherwise, weather could damage them, or even start an electrical fire if the compatibility isn’t quite right.

Make sure decorations are in good condition. Don’t assume that decorations are safe to use from year to year. Any frayed wires or broken elements serve as fire hazards. While electrical tape can be wrapped around frayed wires, it doesn’t mean that it will stop a spark from being created. It’s best to just replace damaged decorations and reduce the risk. At the very least, carefully inspect all lights and other decor to ensure it’s still usable for this year.

Do not overload outlets. Some homeowners think that they can plug as many sockets into the outlets as possible. They use extensions to allow having more than two devices plugged in at one time. This can be dangerous! Overloading outlets is another potential risk for an electrical fire, and it can also cause an overload of your entire electrical system. Make sure you’re spreading the plugs out among various outlets.

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